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Led By: Bukky Adepoju 

Parents need to be refilled. You need time to concentrate on what the Lord has to say about how you live. You need time to worship Him, and we want your children to do the same—so ministry for all children, ages birth through grade 5, takes place during the weekend service.
Parents need peace of mind. You can leave your children with us, knowing that everyone who serves in CREPA Kids, from Nursery through Grade 5, has been screened and has had a background check.  To find out more about our curriculum visit




At check-in you’ll get printed name tags for your children and a parent receipt with a matching, randomly generated, 3 digit code. You’ll show this parent receipt to pick up your children at the end of the service.


After children are checked in, they head to their classrooms. They’ll meet up with their friends and class leaders and participate in some “warm up” activities prior to Large Group Worship and Teaching.


When we say correct things about God and tell Him how much we love Him that means we are worshiping in spirit and truth. That makes God happy. We love when children sing loud and dance when they worship. We also love when they close their eyes and lift their hands and sing quietly. Both please the Lord and both forms of worship point to Jesus Christ as the King.


We believe the Word of God should be taught boldly and correctly. Each week large group teachers open their Bibles and teach with authority in a manner that children can understand. Children learn in several different ways. We incorporate all we know about how children learn into how we teach the truth of Scripture. We believe strongly that children should never be bored with the Bible. We work hard to make sure that doesn’t happen.


The remainder of ministry time (between 30-45 minutes) is dedicated to a small group experience. That doesn’t mean we just divide children in smaller groups but that children experience a Harvest-style small group in an age appropriate format. For younger children, our goal is for them to listen and/or participate in a spiritual conversation on their level for a short amount of time. As they mature, the small group questions move from more content to more personal application of large group teaching. Scripture memorization, prayer and a fun, intentional activity are also included.